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6-Pcs Tessie & Jessie Knife Set with Holder

6-Pcs Tessie & Jessie Knife Set with Holder

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The kitchen knife set includes all your essential kitchen knives from a paring knife to a carving knife. Each knife is made from stainless steel with a comfortable, ergonomic handle. The knife holder is extremely sturdy with a non-slip base and a heavier that holds the knives securely in place when stored.

Product Details:

  • This innovative design means that any knife can be stored in any of the slots, regardless of blade length.
  • Impressive knife skills are not just professional chefs, use a high-quality knife to get your confidence in the kitchen.
  • Designed for long-lasting durability.
  • This universal knife holder is made of propene polymer and ABS it's safe for food.
  • A combination knife cylinder saves your kitchen space.
  • The bottom has drainage holes so it can be washed easily, and hard to breed bacteria.
  • Multifunctional tool combination gives you a happy cooking time


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