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Microfiber Quilted Strapped Mattress Protector

Microfiber Quilted Strapped Mattress Protector

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Size proudly offers you a premium quality quilted mattress protectors with elastic straps that make it easy to apply for all kinds of mattresses. This high-end mattress protector proved a caring comment to your bed that ultimately adds more value to the bedroom combined. You can exhibit more comfort with its fabric, and the nonallergic mattress protector sheet gives a comfy and luxurious update to the bedroom and furnishes more comfort to your body. We take great pride in being the best at customer satisfaction as our top priority. Our premium quality mattress protector cover is uniquely manufactured with fine quality fabric. Its breathable membrane benefits you and your family with a fresh and ultra-soft sensation. Also, great barrier for asthma suffers and assists in providing a good night's sleep. 

Product Details:

  • Keep your expensive mattress in pristine condition.
  • Exceptional bedding protection.  
  • Easy to remove and clean.
  • Great for allergic suffers.
  • Perfect fitting for all kinds of beds. 
  • Size: Single: 42 x 78 +12 inches, Double: 72 x 78 + 12 inches, King: 78 x 84 + 12 inches
  • 12 inches refers to the depth of the mattress.
  • Color: White.
  • Material: Microfiber fabric with pure polyester filling for extra comfort.

What's included? A single premium quality quilted strap mattress protector cover. 

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