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Pair Of Super Soft & Plush Sleeping Pillows

Pair Of Super Soft & Plush Sleeping Pillows

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Our pillows, known for their exceptional quality and plushness, are a great option if you want to indulge in luxury. By positioning your body in multiple sleeping positions, these pillows provide your neck and head with the necessary support, providing significant value and relief. The well-filled design provides the proper support whether you sleep on your back or side. Healthy sleep is ensured by the hygienic, non-allergic fabric, while the knitted fabric cover provides an unrivalled touch and exceptional comfort. It produces a rich, airy surface that is satisfyingly thick. An excellent choice to engulf you in luxurious softness for a night of sound sleeping!

Product Details:

  • 100% ultra-fine fibre composition.
  • Lightweight and soft.
  • Breathable.
  • Size: 50 x 75 CM.
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