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6-Pcs Jade Design Embroidered Porcelain Bathroom Accessories Set

6-Pcs Jade Design Embroidered Porcelain Bathroom Accessories Set

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Complete your luxury bathing experience with our bathroom accessories set. Our set will surely elevate your bathroom's aesthetic and functionality. we know your bathroom deserves the best. Our set comprises 1 lotion/soap dispenser, 1 toothbrush holder, 1 soap dish, a water tumbler, 1 brush set, and 1 bin providing everything you would need to keep your bathroom fully functional. It will be a good gift for your family, friends, and colleagues, bringing personalization and life to any bathroom. Excellent addition to your bathroom accessories. If you wish to purchase your accessories as a set rather than selecting separate items, you will love our accessories collections. These will bring unity to your bathroom plus create a designer feeling for your space.

 Product Details:

  • High-grade ceramics: Safe and environmentally-friendly material.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Contents: A soap dispenser, a tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish, bin & a brush set.
  • Style: Embroidered. 
  • Dimension: Bin height: 9.9 inches,  width: 7.1 inches, Depth 9.4 inches, Brush holder height 4.3 inches, Length:  3.89 inches, Soapdish: length 4.1 inches, tumbler: 4.1 inches, dispenser: 5.9 inches height.

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